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the TSA's new pat down procedure put in effect in the holiday season, 2010 that is far more in depth to prior security pat downs
I went through airport security to get on my flight to the middle of no where USA, and they did a FREEDOM PAT on me, WTF, that was uncomfortable.
by juggalo94 November 25, 2010
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The process of having your genitalia fondled by low-paid government officials at a major airport in the name of a false public perception of national security. An optional procedure only used if one opts out of using a scanning machine that allows a different, anonymous low-paid government worker in a back room to see your private parts (and possibly also bombs) by way of x-rays that have been shown to increase risks of cancer.
"It's not a grope. It's a Freedom Pat!" - Head of the Department of Homeland Security
by KeegdnaB November 20, 2010
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