apparently its a food group that smuggles mexicans into america from peuro rico, like riccy martin..

see also Bob Dole
Gaurd1: Look! the freedom fries are smugglin them damn mexicans into america again!

Gaurd2: i told you to stop the damn drinking..
by DarkFoxFurre May 07, 2003
During WWII Sauerkraut became "liberty cabbage" in America. Isn´t it ironic?
by Anonymous July 26, 2003
a gay ass politically correct name for french fries.
i shove freedom fries up my ass
by poo July 18, 2003
Actually from Belgium, they are French fries that are so greasy that they loosen your bowels and the shit flows like brown tap water (eg "freedom"). Also term for Congress that has the same effect.
Screw the high colonic, I'm getting some freedom fries!
by Bob L July 03, 2003
(n.) a two-year-old's temper tantrum perpetrated by a theoretically grownup asshat
Looking up from his dump truck, the theoretical leader of the free world had an attack of Freedom Fries: "Oh yeah, stupid Frenchy?! Well... Well... We're gonna rename all our bastardized versions of your food so..." <sticks thumbs in ears and wiggles fingers as he blows a raspberry>
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
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