An American's stupid, sad attempt at being patriotic, because a bunch of snail-eaters refused to cooperate in George Dubya Bush's Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.) campaign. Americans hate the French, but they sure eat Fritos, and Fritos is derived from the French word "frites", which is what the French call their fries.
I'll still call them FRENCH fries because that's what they were always called, never mind that the French didn't invent them.
by AYB April 27, 2003
A name that George W. Bush has now braced apon French fries. This is incredibly stupid once you think about it because French fries don't even come from France, they were invented in Belgium or The Netherlands.
Calling French fries Freedom fries is stupid!
by Anonymous June 27, 2003
The word we use to try to make the french sound dumb but being under the rule of bush thats what he said goes so we have to go against it.
Freedom fries aren't freedom at all!!!!!!!
by Real rose May 07, 2003
Half-assed concoction to get back at the French, thus making Dubbya look more spineless. Perhaps Bush thinks he shall grow a vertebra when he refers to France as 'Stenchland'. Hoy..
Freedom Fries
Freedom Toast
Freedom Letter
Freedom Kiss
Freedom Dictionary
Freedom Horn
Freedom Stick
Freedom Window
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 07, 2003
Noun (N) - Childish word created by Bush to get back at the French, even tho french fries are Belgium! NOT FRENCH!
Bush enjoys dem der freedom fries, I tell ya what.
by Ni-No-Mo-No March 18, 2003
Is George Dubya really responsible for this stupidity? If this had been introduced in a Fox Sitcom, the show would have been cancelled instantly.
However, an urbandictionary calls for a definition so...
'Freedom Fries' - A food product not available to the vast majority of the World's population.
Would you like freedom Fries with that?

No,please. let me have some potable water and possibly some surgical attention to these wounds I received from American terrorists.. sorry, liberators. I feel so free now that my family are all dead and my home was destroyed.
by notapaki July 31, 2003
every other country just calls them hot chips...
by Anonymous May 09, 2003

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