-- rectangular faux-potato sticks, prefererd by idiots who have no idea they've been manipulated by the guvermint to hate all things French, and never knew the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France.

Mexico, Canada, Germany, Russia and China didn't support U.S. actions against Iraq - guess we should also have Liberty Tacos, Uncle Sam Bacon, Freedom Kraut, Bush Vodka and Reagan Eggrolls.
I am a zombie who cannot think for myself and cannot distinguish between Chirac and a French citizen, nor tolerate someone whose opinions who differ from mine; please allow me to expand my ass and shorten my lifespan by consuming large quantities of Freedom Fries.
by The Goat Who Got Mad May 16, 2003
Part of Americas plan to try and alienate themselves from other far better countries until all the world hates them. Once America is alone they will then proceed to nuke the vrap out of any country that dares to oppose them, Anyway looks like the joke is on the Americans, because the great symbol of Americanism that is the statue of liberty is French HAHAAHAHAHAHA FOOLS!!
by Meady October 25, 2003
the word every true patriot calls those tasty snacks we all love. Go America I love freedom, my truck, toby keith and making fun of minorities hoo yeah! F those homos in other parts of the world that don't love america like I do whoo Hoo! let's go play some football. Not that faggot european crap but the good ol' american game i love it!
lets go to IHOP and Gets some freedom fries and freedom toast.
by Patriot 1776 January 31, 2005
'Patriotic' Americans showing just how stupid they are, since french fries are not named after the French but refer to how the potatoes are cut up (frenched) and are actually thought to have originated in Belgium.
Franch sucks! Let's rename french fries FREEDOM FRIES! That'll show them dumb Frenchies how superior the USA is to them, even though by doing this we are showing how bad our education system is! Yah!
by Tard July 29, 2003
A term that should remind you of what a loss to the USA having a president such as George W Bush is. A term used by idiots to show they are such.
Idiot 1: "I'm so stupid and ignorant and I can't stand those French bastards"
Idiot 2: "Let's go get us some FREEDOM fries matey, mwhah"
by Brendan October 10, 2003
Words for eat this and don't try to back talk the USA. Used by the idiocy of america, a republican who wants to move the sheep of America into Isolation and Stupidity. A cracker who wants to share fries.
Would you like to eat my small fries. No, I would like you to poison yourself. Join the military, you'll enjoy a good forgetful death.
by Webster May 09, 2003
A ludicrous connation made by the corporate fascist ass-hole Bush (who got into office by suspicious cough* illegal*cough means) to instill more nationalism and show resentment against the French because they, like MOST of the world, did not support an imperialistic, unjustified war where NO WMDs were found.
Bush: I reckon I'm a-gonna name these here fries *Freedom Fries* cause I sure don't like them French...just cause they don't want to go to war! Damnit, I want this war! I know damn well there ain't no WMDs in Iraq, but hell, I sure like me a game of cowboys and Indians (actually Arabs) and my whole presidency is a warped parody of Walker, Texas ranger...or should I say *dumbass*.
by RandomPerson May 25, 2003
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