A term created by some red-neck in order to show support for the united states. NOT BUSH. NOT MCDONALDS.
by Mina C. May 12, 2003
What George Bush and his idiotic gang of politicans called French fries trying to insult them for not supporting us in the war with Iraq.

1. NO. We Americans 100% don't support freedom fries, we think it as stupid as you do
2. STOP bashing America, we aren't responsible for our goverment's actions
3. YES, the french have helped us with the statue of liberty, Louisiana purchase, but stop acting like they made our country.
Person: OMG americans are so dumb! they eat freedom fries
Me: If you really believe the stereotype that the media shows you than your the dumb one
by jersey kid February 08, 2008
fries you still have to pay $2.99 for.
None given. I prefer mashed potatoes.
by Paul Wartenberg May 15, 2003
a name for french fries that makes me laugh myself silly because you can't change the name of something cuz you don't like the country's political whatever.... oh wow. i still can't stop laughing. Should I ask my boyfriend for a freedom kiss or get a freedom manicure???!!!! oh crap, that's too funny. (you can't change words like that! i don't care if you're president!)
I was laughing so hard that I cried cuz I went to McDonald's and ordered freedom fries but they said they didn't know what i was talking about and I pretended to freak out at them and call them unpatriotic... like it freakin' matters. i just wanted to laugh about it some more.
by lisagirl April 08, 2003
The name given to French fries when corporations get uppity. The type of freedom they espouse being the "mass-manufactured, cheaply-produced and incredibly bland" type.
Man, I don't care if these are French fries or Freedom fries, they taste like cardboard either way.
by Meh May 09, 2003
u are all f-ing retards
I eat freedom fries, f-ing idiots
by squash May 08, 2003
The best Idea We have ever had, If you dont like the way America Runs, then Go fuck yourselves over to France.
They say the brits had Red Coats because they wouldnt be affraid of blood, if they got shot, well thats why the French have brown Pants and yellow Shirts
by Adam Hawkins May 15, 2003
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