only gay people eat freedom fries.
you have to be a politically correct homosexual vegetarian to appreciate the splendor of basking in the sun of freedom fries.
I eat freedom fries. I am gay. I wear pro life t-shirts and made a video called "wake me up before you go-go".
by jungle ass monkey May 07, 2003
What many Iraqi citizens have discovered since they were 'liberated' from Saddam's non-existant terrorist regime and its mythical 'weapons of mass delusion'
Half of my family has been turned into Freedom Fries by the great liberators. Let's kill some of the motherfuckers to show our appreciation. Yeah, the retarded cunts couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Kill the infidel!! Now, and for the next twenty years for destroying our stable society that never even called them genocidal arrogant fucking maniacs!
by stayoutofarseholes September 22, 2003
New name for french fries.
Freedom fries? what a fucking gay name.....what oh bush made it up...thats why
by Jess666 May 06, 2007
what burger king and mcdo;nalds strted calling there fries in the states because the french would not support there stupid holy crude oil crusade in iraq even thought french in french fries refers to the style of cut
you can frech fries or homestyle fries there are also many others
by mike September 15, 2004
A brainless attempt to stick it to Frace, by renaming a food made in Belgium...
*hey look now they're freedom fries, quick hide the waffles...
by udt June 09, 2004
Damn Tasty!
Them Freedom Fries is damn tasty.
by Rossco May 14, 2003
Those artistic cuts of potatoes formely known as "French Fries" seem to embody, with the most "relevant" example, human tendancy to drop(dead) down symbols instead of arguing and solve problematic issues.
This name switch, after America's punishment upon French people, must have been such a disappointment for French Nation, already stuck in centuries of war with Belgium over whose "frites" are the best, that nobody even asked for the "Statue de la liberté" to be re-named in "French Statue", for it was a longtime gift from France to USA.
Still, French people must be very happy to keep their french kisses, french manicure and french lovers... While America keeps its "Tartine à la mode de Hambourg".
A Cold War like statu quo, that both nations will surely spend trying to remember over what they were arguing in the first place.
In all the world biggest issues, Food matters after all.
"France must have send frenchified or out-of-date freedom fries to Bill Clinton, in order to turn him into mad french lover and made him attack french manicured Monica. "French" news or Japanese whispers?"
by ClockworkClémentine August 30, 2006
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