A really childish way to get back at France. What are they going to do next? Rename France "Poopyland"?
"I'll have a hamburger and some Freedom Fries."
by ssbmeleemaster June 06, 2003
call them freedom fries, that'll stick it to france. ppl r so fucking retarded. french fried aren't even french.
americans r fat asses. from a pissed off athlete from iowa
by Jay May 10, 2003
what burger king and mcdo;nalds strted calling there fries in the states because the french would not support there stupid holy crude oil crusade in iraq even thought french in french fries refers to the style of cut
you can frech fries or homestyle fries there are also many others
by mike September 15, 2004
Damn Tasty!
Them Freedom Fries is damn tasty.
by Rossco May 14, 2003
New name for french fries.
Freedom fries? what a fucking gay name.....what oh bush made it up...thats why
by Jess666 May 06, 2007
A brainless attempt to stick it to Frace, by renaming a food made in Belgium...
*hey look now they're freedom fries, quick hide the waffles...
by udt June 09, 2004
What George Bush and his idiotic gang of politicans called French fries trying to insult them for not supporting us in the war with Iraq.

1. NO. We Americans 100% don't support freedom fries, we think it as stupid as you do
2. STOP bashing America, we aren't responsible for our goverment's actions
3. YES, the french have helped us with the statue of liberty, Louisiana purchase, but stop acting like they made our country.
Person: OMG americans are so dumb! they eat freedom fries
Me: If you really believe the stereotype that the media shows you than your the dumb one
by jersey kid February 08, 2008

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