Freedom Fries. Rectangular cuts of potato fried in hot vegetable fat and laden with calories and grease. Formerly French Fries, until a gung-ho warmongering US president, specifically George W. Bush, decreed otherwise in possible the most petty "patriotic" move possible. However, this appears to have the wrong effect - The French find the idea of "les frites de la liberté" extremely amusing. Quite frankly I can't say I blame them.

Ah well, I suppose it sums up the calibre of Bush and all those who support him. Idiots.
"It's been another stellar night for KHD. First I went out to MacDonalds and ate some Freedom Fries (chips), then I met up with my girl friend, gave her a Freedom Kiss (tongue kiss). We were making out quite a lot, and we probably would have ended up in bed if I'd remembered to pack a Freedom Letter (condom). Cos without such an item one risks the Freedom Pox (syphilis). So we just went to bed separately. When we woke up, I made her dome Freedom Toast (tartines) and brought her breakfast in bed."
by KHD June 07, 2003
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In France, american cheese is now called idiot cheese
do we really need an example for this?
by can you open my milk mommy February 23, 2005
1. A phrase made up by George W. Bush and his cronies to eradicate any mention of the nation of France from the US.
2. Part of the radical attempt to segregate the French from the world.
3. An idiotic expression
If Congress is stupid enough to turn French Fries into Freedom Fries, it is stupid enough to make these transformations:

Turkey -> Independence Bird
Peking Duck -> Democracy Duck
Guinea Pig -> Freedom Pig
Hamburgers -> Liberty Meat
World -> America
Inspections -> War
Statesmanship -> War
Diplomacy -> War
Peace -> War
by Not Proud to be an American April 23, 2003
Pretty much all of you are wrong. George W. Bush did NOT come up with this term, and neither did McDonald's. It was created by Rep.Bob Ney, R-Ohio, in a fat-headed Republican attempt to discredit the French. Without them, however, we would not have the Statue of Liberty, and America would be a BRITISH PROVINCE.
Anyone who is complacent about the creation of this ridiculous phrase is a mental midget.
by Mikey G October 06, 2003
Idiots call FRENCH fries this. Although replacing the French part with freedom makes absolutely no sense and makes us all look like a bunch of moron second-graders. Thanks Dubya!
We call them freedom fries now because the French refuse to participate in our unjust war. Well, guess what? I WANT MY FRENCH FRIES! Screw America, France rocks.
by Mmm, FRENCH Fries July 09, 2003
The worst idea for making the people of the U.S. look patriotic ever.
Why would George W. Bushwah get the idea that French fries were actually named after the French anyway, which is beside the fact that there are many people in the U.S. that have French heritage.
by Light Joker June 25, 2004
Part of a pathetic attempt to reduce France's status because it doesn't support an unjust and imperialistic war. Those who invented this term seem to have forgotten that France gave us the Statue of Liberty and a huge chunk of territory known as the Louisiana Purchase. Not to mention that America would still be a British colony if it weren't for the French. Come to think of it, the world would be better off if there wasn't any United States.
french fries -> freedom fries
french toast-> freedom toast
french kiss -> freedom kiss
peking duck -> democracy duck
guinea worm -> liberty worm
turkey -> independence bird
world -> America
inspections -> war
statesmanship -> war
diplomacy -> war
peace -> war
by Not Proud to be an American May 08, 2003
The final evidence that the USA is a fucked up country full of fucked up, mindless patriots.
I thought this was a joke.. Unfortunately, it turns out that it's not.
by IkeM October 20, 2003

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