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Czech and Slovak word used for describing 'freecoolins' - usually younger people that believe in freedom but ultimately submit to the very latest fashions and must posses all the latest clothes, gadgets, cars, etc...

Some freecoolins may actually believe that the word itself is a compliment - that it's "cool" to be a freecoolin...

This urban slang comes from a combination of the words: free-cool-in.
Slacker #1 - Yo what's with the new jacket bro!?
Slacker #2 - Ehh... I bought it in London last week.
Slacker #1 - Hahaha, you're such a freecoolin! xD
Slacker #2 - LOL :D
by shlooky September 26, 2009
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A Czech slang word for anything totally awesome.
It is free, cool & in.
Ahoy vladik, where did you get that hat? it is so Freecoolin!
by Koolatron February 02, 2008

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