A Board that rides just like a snowboard, but on the street.

It has 2 center castor wheels that spin allowing the board to also slide horizontally, and spin just like a snowboard.

Kickass Sport
Dude! that rides just like a snowboard! I know man, its called a freebord!

Hell yes! My freebord shipped today! Im ready to hit up some cheddah!
by Skiboarder213 September 09, 2006
Top Definition
resembles snowboarding but on pavement. 6 wheels. 2 castor wheels in center of board to allow carving and some bitchin' slides. more badass and alpha that longboarding.
Ian: Hey man, going freebording. Wanna come with?

Heath:Naw man. Im still sore from when I biffed it last time.

Ian: I gots a hole in mah drawers. BALLZ OUT!

Heath: Word
by whatthehellmytrailer June 16, 2009
you can get a free board for no money at all
by sinsin September 09, 2008
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