Name of a 1970's Lynyrd Skinner Song. To be requested from a band when it is clear "they suck". The humor is found in that Freebird is almost 10 min long and arguable the most difficult guitar solo.
"Dude this band sucks ... FREEBIRD play FREEBIRD
by Tovarishch November 20, 2009
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A term commonly shouted by concert patrons in an attempt to mock the band's ability to play their own music. This is usually done in conjunction with lighting a cigarette ligher and holding it over your head and/or creating the devil-horns gesture with your hand.
Crowd: "Freebird!"
Band: "Piss Off Wankers!"
by gutmoburb June 21, 2006
1: A sappy song by Lynyrd Skynyrd that goes into a 7 minute kick-ass guitar solo. Can be found on the album, 'Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd.'

2: Something you yell when people are done performing music, works best with local bands. Originated in the eighties by a DJ from Chicago.
\m/ \m/

by Skin-Nerd July 16, 2005
A song by Lynard Skynard with THE best guitar solo in it ever. It's over 10 minutes, it's fast, it's difficult, and it's beautifully written.
Wonderful guitar solo
by Jeri November 16, 2003
1. A kickass song by Lynyrd Skynyrd that features some great slide guitar and a five minute guitar solo.

2. The tradition of shouting this song as a request when attending a concert, regardless of whether the performer is a musician or not. This tradition is mostly carried on by idiots who don't even know what they're yelling or why.

(Note: do not utter this phrase in the presence of Bill Hicks.)
Free bird. And in the beginning there was the word "Free bird" and "Free bird" would be yelled throughout the centuries. "Free bird", the mantra of the moron! "Free bird", "Free bird", "Free bird", "Free bird". If we keep yelling this, one day we'll be funny. Keep doing it. "Free bird", "Free bird", "Free bird", "Free bird". We will sit at the feet of Kevin Matthews. "Free bird", "Free bird", "Free bird".

-Bill Hicks.
by Laffin Boy April 13, 2007
A song by Lynyrd Skynyrd, about 9:10 in length (longer live), which features one hell of a solo. See kickass
Wow, freebird hicks ass
by alex January 19, 2005
Well, there _is_ a chain, but the original is unaffiliated with those and is located in the I.V. area of Santa Barbara. Open goddamned late, and it has a subway style point-at-your-topping, so it's perfect for people too drunk to walk anywhere, let alone order properly. Excellent nachos, and the Monster burrito is about as big as my forearm.

They need better salsas though. And always get extra cheese. They will heap that stuff on with no additional charge.
I'm sooooooo drunk... can anyone walk me to Freebirds?
by Epoch March 09, 2005
The best Burrito in the world. A burrito franchise located in various parts of the US under different owners.
Wanna go to freebirds? Yeah Im really down for a Monster right now.
by joecacola January 31, 2005

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