When one has a wet dream or ejaculates during sleep due to lack of sex or masturbation from the fear that he would be sinning against God.
"Joey's stoaked, he just had a freebie last night but his bed is a mess."

"Man guys God just hooked me up with a freebie, its been so long I was starting to worry."

"I was tempted to whack it because its been 6 months since my last freebie, but finally last night couldn't have come at a better time."
by 10duece November 17, 2007
Top Definition
1. something one gets for free 2. something one obtains without asking 3. a complimentary item received in most happy meals
The soccer mom went to McDonalds and bought a happy meal for your unhappy son. Inside the bag, the child found a freebie.
by Ixy July 29, 2003
to give oral sex or some other sexual favor to someone that is seen as highly attractive, without desire for reciprocation or a relationship.

Such as in the case of a gay guy who likes a straight guy, or a guy who likes a girl and just wants to please them by giving head or eating them out respectively
Gay Guy- I know you arent into this sort of thing but can i give you a freebie?

Straight Guy- Dude thats gross, but its been awhile since i got laid so just dont tell anyone.

Girl- I don't know. What if my boyfriend finds out.
Guy- Then I'll give him one too!
by GreyWolf13 September 12, 2009
when you start to get gas, the first 5 or 6 farts that have no odor.
oh my god i hope i haven't used up all my freebies that one could be bad!
by Tutsmom June 08, 2009
When you are in a monogamous relationship and given the ok to have a guilt-free, no-questions-asked one-night stand.
1. Don't need a freebie, I have my Scoobear

2. Jon Bon Jovi is my freebie
by ya_bayb September 17, 2010
A product being given away for free. Usually as a promotional sample.
www.magicfreebies.co.cc update their site with 8 new freebies every day. You will get something new in the mail every day if you sign up with them. Awesome.
by mr evans was here November 21, 2009
when you take a dump and wipe but there is no crap on the paper.
Hey man, I just had myself a freebie. Sweet!
by freebie March 26, 2013
Pubic hairs that have left the body. Usually found on toilet seats, showers, bathroom floors, or between your teeth
Dammit Jamal, you need to do some 'scaping. Every time you take a shower you leave freebies all over the place
by johnqsack November 04, 2012
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