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Free Rebublic is a particularly disgusting web site which is anything but "Free". The excuse made for the rampant censorship which takes place there regularly is most often that it is a privately owned site and thus not obligated to refrain from erasing any trace of thought that goes against it's own grain. OK. Fine. But don't claim that posts aren't erased and ideas aren't censored, because they are. Try a google search for "Free Republic Censorship", or even just "Free Republic". There are plenty of victims of this Orwellian memory hole out there. I know. I'm one of them.

I tried to set the record straight for my friend Phil, and I was censored and banned THREE TIMES withing half an hour.
by Jason February 10, 2005
Proof that the right wing zealots farthest to the right (bordering with fascism if not already there) who unquestionably follow George W. Bush and Fox News are all fucking insane, intolerant, uneducated assholes.

You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
The United States is a free republic.

Free Republic wants concentration camps for liberals, just like their German pen pals from the 1930s.
by Zeke June 04, 2005
A racist, white power chat site operating as a conservative news discussion forum.
Conservatives use the Washington Post; true racists prefer Free Republic.
by Texas Cowboy March 20, 2005
The infamous website generally attributed to the conservative platform. Founded by Jim Robinson and based out of Fresno, California, Free Republic is more or less a political discussion group and news forum.

Like any social organization, Free Republic is made up of a varying cross section of society. It has moderates, extremists, Republican-lites, RINOS, Libertarians, even Democrat or left-wing lurkers.

At Free Republic, you'll find lively discussions of current news stories from all over the world, running the gamut of topics and sources. You'll also find members supporting various causes typical of the Conservative agenda (known as FReeping), but again, like all organisations, you'll also find varying degrees of activism and participation.
Visitors to FreeRepublic should, as in all situations regarding dissenting opinion, view the forum with an open mind before making judgements
by Minerva442 June 12, 2005
The main source of DU suicides because of sheer jealousy. A site with many real intellectuals, not just smelly hippies that think they are smart. Dedicated to never letting the morons/DU candidates get into office again.
People at DU wish they could be as smart as those at Free Republic.
by Mamacags May 19, 2006
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