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referring to a person who is frequently involved in promiscuous sexual activity.
"Dude, that girl is such a free fuck! She blew Jimmy and fucked Timmy....ALL AT ONCE!!"
by Nophie September 12, 2008
when you sleep with someone you've already slept with so it does not increase your number of sexual partners.
by delilah99999 June 20, 2012
A term that working girls or escorts use amongst themselves when they have sex for free
Hey Christina, did you have any gigs or make any money last night? No, I just went to the club last night, got afu and free fucked a thug
by Negotiator672 September 17, 2008
An easy prey.
Someone you can easily have sex with.
G: Man... The other night... I introduced Irene to this guy... He had been with the same girl for many years, he had not had sex in 2 weeks, he was a freefuck for her...

Mel: Oh, what'd she do??

G: Nothing.

Mel: Aaaoh, what a shook one...
by Mandy da real November 21, 2008
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