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When a female lays around with no breast supporting device on. Similar to the male version known as free balling.
"When I get home today, i'm going to take my bra off and just be free boobin' the day away"- Anonymous Mo
by QuesoPeso211 April 26, 2012
This is the female equivalent of free ballin. It means going without a bra. Totally not recommended or as comfortable as free ballin it so i'm told.
Kelly didn't have a bra on while she was working out so she was free boobin it.
by k34 November 28, 2005
1. The act of a female not wearing a bra under her shirt
2. The female equilivant of Free Ballin'
"Its more comfortable to sleep Free Boobin'."
by metallicafan37 February 21, 2010
The art of free-boobing it; in other words not wearing a bra under your garments in a public setting, or in other terms pulling an anal
Damnit lana are you free-boobin it today? WE'RE IN FUCKING PUBLIC.
by AnalShhh September 06, 2009
when a woman does not wear a bra
Last night Vicki did not wear a bra.

I say: Shake yo boobies

Vicki says: They're just all hanging out tonight

I say: Free-boobin
by james bond fire June 17, 2008