How chinese people say three.
"one! two! free!"
by ricemond December 06, 2003
Hot, sexy, and a fine black woman from the show 106 & park
Her looks explains it all
by Toni Backstab June 24, 2003
Everyone's favorite four letter F word. It has to do with receive stuff without cost.
Receiving head/sex for free.
by J-Man in TX March 08, 2006
I forgot my cover up!
Don't worry, just go free
Don't worry, just go free!
by tylerbeck February 12, 2015
The only word needed to make something delicious.
"Hey, how's the pizza? It was free."
"It's the most amazing slice i've ever known."
by Ambilyn April 15, 2012
The term "free" is hereby used for promotional purposes only and should not be confused with the English word "free" which means "without financial cost."
*Free 120 Hour Trial of AOL
by CaptainKoala February 20, 2004
used by kids in urban areas, a free is a party that is free of charge and free of adults
are you going to the free on friday?
by urbanbabydaddy May 14, 2015
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