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Participating in an action with your junk exposed.
Yo broski, I'm playin' free willie, yo.
Can you believe Joe came to school free willie yesterday?
by Synchronize February 23, 2011
11 4
when you cum on yo bitch's tits
I was doin her hard, and when I was finished I free willied all over her sexy chest.
by disneysucks June 01, 2006
216 81
Something you say when you see a whale.
Whooo free willie!!!
by isla September 02, 2004
64 48
the act of exposing the male genitalia at any water sport or exhibition.
i cant believe hank decided to pull a freewillie at seaworld.
by tellitizaman September 02, 2010
5 0
To have sex without a condom
"Thou other day Thine havist participated in fornication Joselean"
"Did thoust go Free Willie?"
"Indeed thine did"
by Dr. Prof. Tall Hat, MD. January 17, 2012
3 8
Another term for erection.
Did you see John leaving with that girl? HE HAD SUCH A HUGE FREE WILLIE!
by UPTHEBOOTY November 17, 2008
3 21
Something u do first thing in the morning.
Damn I gotta free willie......AAAHHHH!!!!
18 49