The reason why that mostly 95% of the internet community are retarded, could barely type coherantly, or submit poor or completely irrelevant definitions to, thus transforming this site into a rudimentary flamefest.
When I typed in the definition of "gay" in the search box, I found results submitted by forum geeks defining the newest "n00b" who posted something in their "l33t" forum. Free speech on the web has gone too far!
by Chang Tan February 13, 2004
According to liberals, exotic dancing.
by Pimp July 07, 2003
The double standard many human beings don't understand.
Person 1: "I have free speech, so shut up!"

Person 2: "Sounds like The Free Speech Maneuver... "
by K.A.L.E August 30, 2014
Thanks to the internet, a great form of cheap entertainment.
Damn I love reading retarded conspiracy blogs, thank you free speech.
by Sam is a Dick November 14, 2006

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