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An ironic phrase uttered by people who believe "Palestinians" have any right to the land they claim to have owned for hundreds of years.

This phrase is ironic since "Palestine" is actually occupied by Arabs who stole the land from Jews and other Arabs, and who have invented a pseudo-history to try to convince the world that they have any legitimate claim to the region. If one were to utter the phrase "Free Palestine!", one would unwittingly be saying "free Palestine from the Arab occupiers", since it does not belong to them and never has.
Ignorant person: Free Palestine!

Informed person: You know that Palestine is occupied by Arabs? What you're actually saying is "free Palestine from the Arab occupiers".

Ignorant person: Shut up you racist apartheid Zionazi scum! *sulks; complains of victimisation when Israel retaliates with kid gloves to terrorist attacks*
by Omnes Populus Necesse Serviant September 25, 2014
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