A day where you have nothing going on and can do whatever you want.
I have a free day today. No school, no homework, no community service, nothing. I'ma just play my 360 all day.
by my life be like March 22, 2010
Top Definition
a day when no one can pass judgment on the choices you make.
you can drink and eat what you want, say what you want, and no matter what you look like, you're beautiful and everyone agrees
" Don't look at me like that, it's my free day"
" Take another drink of the fishbowl, it's my free day!"
by Asherdo February 03, 2008
The one day of the week where you break your diet and disregard all of your hard work and healthy caloric intake by consuming as much of whatever foods make you happy. "celery and grass do not count"
"It's my free day can we go to subway???"

"It's my free day, i do what i want!!"
by Free Subway July 04, 2009
The day when everybody is happy, since it's the last day of the school week and also the next day is Saturday and a Friday is the end of the school week.

origin: derived from friday and the portmanteau of adding freedom

A Freeday, has all the good sides of Friday
It's Freeday today so lets partay!!
by Seb_sta October 10, 2008
the 8th day of the week. begins on friday afternoon when you get out of school/work and ends sometime early saturday morning or whenever you pass out. Typicall freedays are spent drinking and/smoking. "freeday" is derived from friday and the freedom that accompanies it. Typical freedays are started off with a smoke ride, where one freeday participant should call weedgun to assure the optimal smoking position.
Rory: damn school sucked today
Ted: well its 2:20, officially Freeday!
Zak: lets head to my moms house
by VT4life420 April 22, 2007
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