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a dog that you get for free because your deadbeat neighbors moved out and left it behind.
my neighbor rufus had to leave the state because the feds were closing in on him, leaving fluffy behind, i made her my free bitch
by gdawgit March 02, 2010
28 49

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Someone who doesn't care what other people think. They are free to do what they want, how they want, and whenever they want regardless of what others think.
Matt: Hey did you see what Lady GaGa wore at that awards show last night?

Kim: Yeah, I love her!

Matt: Why?

Kim: She's a free bitch, baby!
by hctib eerf May 14, 2010
144 37
A person who is not in a relationship with anyone else. Basically, a person who isn't taken.
"I just dumped Mohammad and I'm a free bitch now!"
by Wek February 14, 2010
55 35