When Muderface learns that you can wear no underwear to band practice, thus playing his bass with the greatest skill EVER. In Sweden free ballin is a fed, and underwear is kinky shiz. When a man doesn't have any clean underwear to wear. Thus just putting on shorts or pants with none no underwear on. Free ballin is an art and should ever be done without parent supervision.
This one was banned from music television cause u can see my junk thru my jumpsuit, That’s what I believe is know as free ballin.
I wonder what the world would be like if everyone free balled.
#free ballin #junk #supervision #brown eye master #free
by Mark Roemer March 30, 2008
Top Definition
verb, when a male goes with no boxers or briefs, where the balls hang free
Bill's boxers were in the wash so he had to go free ballin.
by gingerly November 05, 2003
Usually used to refer to males who are without underware; the act of not wearing underware during your daily life.
I'm freeballin' right now.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
not wearing underwear under your clothes hence your balls have nothing to hold them back
1. dan freeman
2. you freeballin? nah.. not during school
by GUARDROCKS September 21, 2004
1.when its too hot outside to wear drawz so you just throw shorts on straight outta the shower.
2.a funny way to sing the song free fallin by tom petty
1.its 108 degrees outside today, well looks like ima go free ballin.
2."cuz im freeeeeeeeee, freee ballliin!"
#free ballin #freeballing #fre ballin #tom petty #ballin
by Th3M1ck August 30, 2007
Not wearing any underpants
Hey im freeballin it.
by Groovatron February 28, 2002
The act of not wearing underwear, for the male. Embarrassingly evident when the male is wearing polyester pants or sweats or even worse, GOD FORBID spandex!
When Mr. Lumpus lifted his leg on the chair you could totally tell he was free ballin it today...eeew.
#free #balls #ballin #underwear #pants
by foofy January 18, 2009
One who has/does not have any underwear on! Naked;Nude;Free!
To get the girls in class the like him.Mark told the girls,"I just came from gym last period,and I took a shower and now I'm free-ballin!"
by FLA CHIC July 21, 2004
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