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for a man to wear his pants/shorts without any unserwear on
because it was free ball friday, he did not wear underwear.
by Holmes December 04, 2002
When a guy doesn't wear any boxers OR briefs underneath his pants, he is pulling a "freeball". The balls are free!
"Dude, you can't freeball when you have wigger jeans on.."
by Lal September 20, 2006
When a man has sex without a condom.
1. When you freeball a chick, you run the chance of getting an STD.

2. I freeballed my girlfriend last month, and now we think she's pregnant.

3. I can't believe he was freeballin' that girl! Who knows what he could have caught?!
by daratman7 April 30, 2008
going without underwear
"all my camp counselors went freeballs."
by lauren September 01, 2003
When you masturbate with out using computer, magazine, or any other type of arousing photos, or video's thus having to use your mind To turn you on
My buddy borrowed my computer and now I have to freeball.
by Dboyflan May 29, 2011
1. To wear pants without any under garments.

2. To wing it or put together an idea on the fly.
1. I woke up this morning and decided to freeball like a madman.

2. Joe: How are you going to write your final essay.

Jim: Don't worry I'll just freeball something together.
by mr. jibbles May 04, 2010
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