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a frontal wedgie, a camel toe, a vaginal wedgie
owwwwwwww that fredgie gave me pussy bruise!
by chamy August 12, 2003
31 10
Frontal wedgie
These shorts are giving me a fredgie.
by Odd Ball 2600 January 09, 2009
8 2
A typical wedgie, but one that only exists in a person's front region. fredgie = front wedgie.

Usually quite uncomfortable and causes people to hide behind their friends or large objects in order to adjust it in private. Mostly only happens to girls.
"Damn.. I have such a front wedgie right now."
"You mean.. a fredgie?"
by Chubblo May 01, 2010
2 1
a frontal wedgie, also known as a camel toe
damn i had this mad fredgie all day, it felt really good to pull that mess out.
by sophie2cool4u October 08, 2008
6 6
A frontal wedgie. Can be used for both male and female.
Omg! I have a fredgie again !!
by Ademma January 15, 2008
4 4