According to M.V Ahundova's book and articles (google her please), Freddie Mercury was actually completely straight. From the fact that he was a Parsi Zoroastrian, the most anti homosexuality religion in the universe, used Zoroastrian innuendos in his music, wore Zoroastrian stuff on stage, and cremated in Zoroastrian way, I think that's pretty reasonable. And she also wrote that Fred didn't have any boyfriends, they were all fake. Including that famous Jim Hutton. He said he was fred's closest boyfriend. He even said that they oftenly kissed in public areas like airports and got aids from him. Yes he also died of aids, 19 YEARS AFTER FREDDIE'S DEATH. And anyway there are no pics of him kissing with fred yet. There must have been many paparazzies at the airport if they really kissed. What a lying faggot.
by DodgeChargerR/T December 03, 2012
Top Definition
The best singer ever. so there.
freddie mercury sang in queen
by KATTAY! June 24, 2003
The best lead vocalist in rock. Ever. Only outclassed by some Opera and Classical vocalists, such as Pavarotti or Bocelli.
Freddie Mercury performed the awe-inspiring vocals on songs such as "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Who Wants to Live Forever," "Somebody to Love," "Don't Stop Me Now," "Love of My Life," "The Prophet's Song," and "The Show Must Go On."
by AJB11 July 17, 2005
God himself.

The lead singer of Queen. More than likely the best rock n' roll singer ever. Also extremely sexiful.

His voice is ORGASMIC, it's so good. I mean, come on.

But then he died from AIDs in 1991. ;-; Life is so unfair.

Kay I'm done kissing his ass. But he rawks everyone with any sense of musical taste's socks. XP.
Freddie Mercury is GOD.
by Toordle August 27, 2005
The musical equivalent to God.
At any musical event:

Oh my Freddie Mercury!
by scrawlingpurpleink July 16, 2006
The best song writer that ever lived...and had a very beautful voice...and is saddly missed by many Queen fans and the Queen bandmates
"how was the songs at the concert?"
"not as good as freddie mercury and Queen"
by Kewi August 22, 2006
The sexiest human ever to live. Lead singer of Queen, died in 1991 of AIDS. Voice like a God, body like a model. A skinny model. <3
Personally, I believe Freddie Mercury had the sexiest male voice ever, and I'd like to make love to him for extended amounts of time, were he still living. -swoon-
by RoboTribble February 28, 2006
Farok Bulsara (in the early 70's changed to Freddie Mercury)
Born on September 5, 1946 in Zanzibar
Had one sister named Kashmira
His big influence was Jimi Hendrix
Adored cats
Wrote about 19 of Queen's biggest hits
Mary Austin was his best friend, soulmate and girlfriend
Jim Hutton was his boyfriend in the late 80's
Has a statue of himself in Montreux
Died on November 22nd at his London home
Left Austin his cats, estate and millions

Was the Ultimate- musician, singer, frontman, lyricist, songwriter.
Freddie Mercury the rock god. His legend still lives on
by EErin September 01, 2006

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