"Future Treat", or a girl that is still a little too young to be going out with people older than her.
That Amanda over there, she's quite a freat...
by Gradient January 22, 2005
Top Definition
A word that shortens the phrase "freaking sweet" into a single declaration of excitement that is being imposed upon something that could be awesome. Not to be confused with a "future treat", which should be said as "future treat".
When you stabbed that robber in the liver, that was "freat", man.
by Mimi Rich December 06, 2006
two words combined making a shorter one. In this case it's "freakin'great" that turns into FREAT.
by isy lomeli September 08, 2008
free food, or "eats."
food offered without the expectation of money in return.
Generally tastes better than regular eats.
"Hey, wanna go to that party?"
"Nah, that kid is an asshole."
"S'gonna be freats..."
"I'll get my coat."
by hah? September 07, 2008
The agonizing pain one feels when a stray pubic hair becomes stuck to the adhesive of a feminine pad.
Laurie: I freated just now. Barely made it out of that bathroom alive.
by morgaaasm December 15, 2010
Basically, treat with an "f". Used to describe people that are like fucking presents.
You're a fucking freat.
by freat November 09, 2006
Fucking neat
Bob: Hey did you see those fireworks, they were freat!
Rob: are you high or something?

Bob: freat means fucking great you retard. I'm ditching you until you find the time to culture yourself you worthless swine
by Kim_Jong_Un_loves_Korea July 16, 2016
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