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Great in the sack and who can't get enough
I had a mass orgy involving my girlfriends and 8 other hotties. WhoooHooo! She was FREAKTASTIC!!!!
by Doddi November 27, 2007
36 10
1) When you're so fantastic that it's freaky.

2) When you're so freaky it's fantastic.

Can be used interchangeably.

1) Look how amazing Becca's outfit is!! She looks freaktastic today!

2) Jeez, that Katie chick hangs out with all those weird kids and talks about flying cows.... She's pretty freaktastic.
by thatonechickincalifornia December 03, 2007
26 12
being freaky yet awesome
man katie, yo shit is freaktastic!<3
by beccalicious December 01, 2007
18 8