someone so bizarre that it becomes idiotically funny; a combination of a freak and retard
Did you see what Sophie was wearing? What a freak-tard!
by lotuspanda March 15, 2008
Top Definition
cross between freak and retard
Like, omg! Meg is such a freaktard!
by Laura October 01, 2004
Basically the combination of the words freak and retard.

It is used to describe someone as being a freak and retard at the same time.
That girl over there such a freaktard!
by A. Nicole February 20, 2007
A term of abuse. A portmanteau of freak+(re)tard.
Don't be such a freaktard.
by Daniel Bailey-Graham November 30, 2007
An endearing term used to describe favorite students in school.
These freaktards are the best!
by Loveuguys April 20, 2010
Somebody who is acting like a freak, even for a retard.
That kid walked down the hall playing air-guitar! He's such a freaktard!
by PokerFace21 April 04, 2009
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