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noun 1.)a person between the ages of 10-17, usually found wandering around at malls wearing oversized black clothing, slipknot or other associated band shirts, spiked collars, horribly applied black eyeliner, etc. proclaiming to be "so goth" or "so punk", yet not having a damn clue who Bauhaus or The Clash are.

2.)any younger odd-looking person that generally annoys the fuck out of people who were weird when it still got you beaten up.
freaklet: "omg blink-182 is so punk."
myself: "kids like you make sid vicious do cartwheels in his grave."
freaklet: "who's sid vicious?"

the throng of freaklets in the center of the mall on friday night makes me want to hand out fliers with directions to the MAC counter.
by j. malott November 23, 2005
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