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From harold & kumar. When a ugly guy is with a Hot girl. ONly question is, how the fuck did you get her?
freakshow: jack white, Marc Anthony, the ugly guy that was with Kate Hudson, Ebad Farooqui, Rosie O'Donold
by Bad182 August 17, 2006
Someone who acts in a freakish manner, paranoid, fucked up, sloppy, someone to steer clear of in public places
She always acts like a freakshow once she starts doing shots of Jager!
by Kelly Schmiedeler March 30, 2005
1.one whom others percieve as odd or unnatural. 2.a display(usually at a carnival or circus) of persons others may percieve as odd or unnatural. 3. a level in the video game CarnEvil.
Welcome all to the Freakshow! Step right up and see the amazing bearded woman!
by Drea July 02, 2003
A people-watching term used to describe any situation where you encounter unusual people, or people doing unusual things
Burning Man is a total freakshow.
by Kristylynne May 08, 2003
An exhibition where bizaar things are shown, rarities, curioses. In the past a form of entertainment very popular among people since it presented strangely-looking, somehow deformed people as presented in David Lynche's 'The Elephant Man'. It might presented fire-eaters and sword-swallowers as well.
We've been to a freak show. There was this woman who was able to fold herself in a cube and a guy whose body was covered in scales all over!
by necrotism June 05, 2006
A girl who seems relatively stable but actually has serious issues. Some issues include: bouts of low self-esteem, inability to communicate effectively, and having serious social issues. Freakshows often have one minor, yet incredibly significant glitch that keeps them from being great friends or girlfriends.
Sarah was smart and cute, but she flaked on her friends a lot. She sent mixed signals, and was just difficult to socially vibe with. Some days she'd be fun and happy, other days she'd be demure and sad. A real freakshow.
by Jak DiGriz October 31, 2009
The name of the song by progressive-hippie metal band Psychotic Waltz. It's on the second album of them "Into The Everflow" (1992).
- What's the track inspired by Perry Farrel vocal style?
- Freakshow, I think. There're the words: "Thank you, Perry, for the idea, man".
by bananasworm September 01, 2010
A group of misfits,wierdos,or fruit loops. You know...the out of the ordinary group of kids who everyone doesn't find very popular or "cool enough"
Hey kid,get out of here and go with the freak show yeah?
by The stupidest kid. July 12, 2006