A girl or woman that is weird, usually gross and does abnormal things. Gets angry and upset over petty and meaningless things, like not getting straight A's or chipping a nail.
"Dude how are things going with you and Ashley?"

"Oh, her? I broke up with that freak bitch."
by TetrisHydraCanofbeanoil March 17, 2009
Top Definition
A wealthy older woman who drinks heavily while on several medications advising against the consumption of alcohol...and who is an old horny slut. She is often withholding and shoots down everything you say so that she feels good about herself.
"I dont want no part of your tight ass country club, ya freak bitch!"
"Lucille is a real freak bitch when you get to know her."
"Hey check that old broad out, what a freak bitch."
by Devypoo January 14, 2007
1. basically a hoe
2. a girl who might be a freak, or freaky
1. she a freak bitch, she fucked my whole neighborhood!

2. boy: you see the way she licking her lips and sucking that lollipop?? she a freak bitch
by Tboi93 March 11, 2009
a girl who over analyzes, freaks out and jumps to conclusions about all the smallest things. this occurs when a girl has an nonreciprocating crush with a boy or hook up.

she is called a bitch because she loses all respect whatsoever.
don't tell anna about party tonight, she'll go all freakbitch cause of matt.
by harhar11 May 11, 2010
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