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Fried; suffering ecstasy withdrawal symptoms
Man, Im feeling really frazzed after Saturday night!
by jimbo February 22, 2005
just one beer can start off a so-called 'fraz' and from that point on all hell breaks loose. Climbing lampposts, stealing mobility scooters, kissing middle aged men and women, even attempting to engage with a friends mother, sleeping in a parking lot or a strangers garden, having a nipple bitten by a fat guy and a host of other ludicrous antics become acceptable and can accumalate to being 'frazzed'
Chloe: "you were so fucking frazzed last night"
Frank: "Yeah I know but that's because someone Charlie Yapped me"
Tom: "Youre a fucking idiot!"
Danny: "Its a Monday, we have school. Never get frazzed on a monday"
Frank: "Yeah I know but I got up to some crazy stuff, exams are for nerds anyhow"
Everyone in harmony: "you cunt"
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by Fraz May 16, 2016
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