To be a bro or aquaintance.

Deriving from the eye’talian word fratello – meaning brother.
A term spoken dominantly by Dutch Greek-Cypriot’s or albino Australians.
Boy 1. Michael said ciao to his fratz.

Huge 2: Saps replied come stai frattttzzzz?

Ozzie: Fuk oath eyy fratz!
Boy 1: Come in my ass?
Huge 2: French kissa my pesh.
by Jesusss its cold eyyy April 28, 2010
Top Definition
to pass gas; the release of gas from the body; a more proper/polite word than 'fart'
"Excuse me I fratz."

"Yuck it smells, who fratz?"

"Don't fratz next to me!"

"I have been fratzing all day!"
by Rentsch September 27, 2009
Is same as frats, but this has a z.
If you type fratz instead of frats, your cool factor will go up 1029387 points!!11
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