the frightening farts that come after a night of frat party excesses. These will approach suicide and homicide if performed in a small space without enough air exchange.
I barely escaped with my life and lungs intact after Bobby's fratulence down in the laundry. At least, thank God, I can't smell anything anymore.
by cognomen October 16, 2008
Top Definition
The ungodly air of rank beer farts at a fraternity party.
Fratulence Fridays: avoid.
by Ae5Ea8 April 12, 2015
The resulting odour when frat boys gather for any lengthy period of time in a confined space. Typically the smell is a combination of farts, body odour, stale beer and weed.
The fratulence coming from Steve's dorm room after his all-night poker party made the fourth floor of Brockington House smell like a sewer.
by Winnipeg Man April 03, 2014

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