Adj. To describe something in which memebers of collegiate greek society appreciate for its intense awesomness. see: for further reading.
Sorostitute 1: AW! Your new Lacoste is so fratty! I love it!
Sorositute 2: Aw thanks girl. You can borrow it sometime!

Fratdaddy 1: Dude, we should get a a keg going up at the pool before we hit up the bars tonight.
Fratdaddy 2: That'd be fratty.
by songofthesouth June 16, 2005
1.Stereotypical fraternity member from head(sunglasses on Croakies) to toe(Rainbows or Sperrys)
2.A delicious mixed drink consisting of one part boxed wine(Franz) and one part beer(Natty)
"That greek is looking so fratty with his popped collar."
"Fratty is the drink of champions!"
by Toner May 05, 2006
someone trying to be rad but tries too hard
John isn't a rad dude, just some fratty wannabe douchebag
by March 25, 2009
The act of being like a frat guy...usually entails wearing pink polo shirts with lots of hairspray and celtic barbed-wire bicep tattoos.

Can also describe anyone who partakes in date-rape or soggy biscuit viagra parties.
Guy: "Man, what's up with Randy lately? He looks like Ricky Martin and he smells like a hooker!"

Liz: "Oh, he's just going through a fratty phase, it'll pass"
by jimmy patrick February 15, 2008
(frat-tee)verb - Derived from common behavior by frat guys after a crazy night. The act of being wild or extreme for no apparent reason besides being wasted and/or angry. Such actions include breaking beer bottles, being a jerk, fighting, and yelling, usually resulting from the consumption of large amounts of alcohol.
"Man, you got so fratty last night! You fratted that guy out the window and shattered a 40 in the bathroom!
"Oh shit, are you serious?! I don't remember a damn thing! FRAT!"

by Travis E. November 14, 2005
When someone exhibits qualities of a fraternity member.
Jesse is very fratty. He enjoys popping the collar on his polos.
by B Tab August 07, 2005
(adj.) Fitting the stereotype of a fraternity.
"Dude, with your collar up like that, you look really fratty."

"All of us standing around in a circle, with our letters on fire in the center would be extremely fratty."
by JonnyLegal October 26, 2003

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