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(adj.)- A word describing the look of a sterotypical fraternity brother. Usually characterized by articles of clothing such as: sunglasses on croakies, Polo shirts, canvas dock shorts/pants, fleece vests, sandals, boat shoes, Wallabees, and khaki pants/shorts. Fratty brands include (but are not limited to) Polo, Lacoste, Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers, Rainbow, Reef, Chaco, Moutain Hardwear, The North Face, Eddie Bauer, Timberland, Sperry, Justin, Redwing, Kavu, and Patagonia.
Sorostitute 1: Wow that guy looks really fratty in those Vineyard Vines dock shorts!

Sorostitute 2: I know! Let's bang him at the same time!
by Fratdaddy January 20, 2006
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a very ambiguous term based on whether not one is or isn't actually in a fraternity. In the South, among actaul fraternity members, fratty refers to the sterotypical southern frat guy image, that of new balance tennis shoes,ralph lauren polo shirts, rainbow or reef sandals,patagonia jackets, ray-ban/costa del mar/maui jim sunglasses with croakies, private schooling, shaggy hair and khaki shorts...etc. It is used as an adjective to describe things associated with said lifestyle.

Among other people, usually GDI or those in the north, fratty refers to a differently held stereotype of a frat guy. Such stereotype includes abercrombie t shirts, spiked hair, tribal tattoos, cargo shorts, popped collar...things that southern "fratty" guys actually find ridiculous, especially collar popping.
My professor is totally fratty, he wears polo to class every day and I saw him with croakies the other day.

That guy was looking mighty fratty the other day in a seersucker suit with a bowtie.
by blain May 18, 2006
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the way of life lived by young southern gentlemen involving being well dressed, yet relaxed and enjoying activities like shacking, golf, tennis, deep sea fishing, hunting, football tailgates, skiing, bronzing at the beach or lake, drinking, and exuding unmistakable confidence all the time and denouncing sketchiness and douchebaggery.
chartering a boat for the day and doing some fishing while bronzing and killing a cooler of ice cold beer is fratty

sipping a bourbon and coke before the game while mingling with beautiful ladies in their game day best
by d.m.d. November 26, 2007
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something referring to the greek community, can be either female or male. is often imitated by members outside the greek community also known as tools or gdi's. a lifestyle not just a style. Common fratty things are the horse (polo), the gator (lacoste), NEVER Tommy Hilfieger, the North Face, mountain hardware, reefs/rainbows, brooks brothers, tailgating, chapter meetings, shacking, being generally better than gdi's.
fraternity brother 1: hey do you like my new polo, hopefully the sorority girls will.
fraternity brother 2: definitly dude the horse is always FRATTY

gdi: damn its so bright out and im so bored.
fratty guy: hell yes dude im hammered at frat pit and im so glad that i have my ray bans to protect myself from this ridiculous sun.
by frat god October 03, 2006
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A German discount supermarket where you can buy almost anything. Including night vision goggles.
Thats a fratty, everything is so much cheaper there
by moi44 June 10, 2011
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Being in a top tier fraternity, dressing like a true frat star. Wearing some of the basic frat star gear consisting of Southern Proper, Southern Marsh, Southern Tide, Southern Point, Guy Harvey, Columbia pfg, Mountain hardware, North face, Vineyard Vines, Patagonia, Ralph Lauren button-ups, bow ties, Sperry Top siders, Raybans, mirrored lense costa del mars with the croakies and depending on preference usually a white adjustable hat with your school logo or mascot on it(not a fucking flat brim snapback bullshit). Must pull mad tail or otherwise known as slam pieces and pee in their butts. Must get shitty or rage face a good majority of the week but don't fuck up in school or neglect your school work like a fucking GDI. Treat southern belles with proper respect except in the bedroom. Must drink bourbon whiskey, drink all sorts of beer(only shit made in merica), most likely us some sort of tobacco product may it be dip, chew or cigs. And last DON'T ACT LIKE A FUCKING GDI!
Frabro 1- What are you getting into today bro?

Frabro 2- Getting fucked up and if I make it, probably a round of golf.

Frabro 1- Fratty......Fratty.
by Frabro February 28, 2012
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wildness, craziness, insanity, complete ridiculous fun, induced by the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Did you see that girl get carted off the beach on block island, this place is fratty as hell
by Kyle Bell July 05, 2009
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