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A tattoo that a typical fraternity brother would sport, usually of a random chinese symbol or a tribal pattern.
Whoa dude, you got a frattoo while you were drunk?
by California Love Baby July 12, 2005

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A tattoo of fraternity greek letters
"Son, someday you're really going to regret getting that frattoo"
by hughmonger October 29, 2003
(1) A tattoo usually possessed by ones in a fraternity, and/or one pledging into a fraternity.

(2) A generic tattoo usually possessed by one who has no idea what tattoo to get
(1) Yo broman, that tattoo of your name going down your arm is such a frattoo

(2)Brad- Dude! What tattoo should I get?
Derek- I don't know man, get a cross...or a tribal tattoo...or bro! you should so get your name in sweet font!
by Blake Griffin February 21, 2009
Fraternity tattoo...don't get one, ever.
"Oh Christ, come and get me, I woke up next to this dude with an ATO frattoo on his back, it is BIG and SPELLED OUT in OLDE ENGLISH."
by AKL January 12, 2005