a member of the Pike Gamma Rho chapter at Northwestern
The fratstars reside in the Pike house.
by Thig Ep January 23, 2009
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1) (n)-One who epitomizes the fratty lifestyle. Usually but not limited to southern fraternity members who sports the fratty look and acts fratty in all aspects of life. Required characteristics consist of tailgating, drinking, sporting fratty gear like boat shoes, polos, bowties, pastel shorts, rainbows, and croakies. Fratstars are usually found macing on sorostitutes or broing with fellow fratstars.

2) (adj.)-usually used to describe freshman who are super fratty and would fit in perfectly in the frat scene
Dude, that kid's definitely a fratstar
by fratdaddy-nix October 18, 2008
A person in a fraternity who is so fratty and publicly known by skeezers around campus as one of the sweetest dudes in the frat (mainly due to partying and balling out), he is a frat star.
"Dude I can't believe you drank 30 beers while bangin that hot-ass skeezbag"
"Yo dude, Im just a true frat star"
by Frat Star April 28, 2008
The cream of the crop of college life. This superior male can be found enjoying fratty light at the frat castle wearing dockers, sperry's and a seersucker blazer. Always a gentleman, frat stars go out of their way to open doors for ladies but never shy to take a slam piece to pound town.

Frat stars typically look down on GDIs ( God Damn Independents) who can be singled out by there cargo pants, graphic tees, Tap Out, and oakleys.

The frat star will live a very successful life due to the connections he makes with other members and alumni in his fraternity.
GDI: yo fuck that guy, he think's he's better than me!

Sorostitute: That's because he is a frat star, and you are a hair gelled loser.
by Scrooge McFrat December 15, 2010
Simply put...."that guy". A Frat Star is the elite of all Fratters. A Frat Star has the potential that no other man can dare dream of. He will out drink anyone anywhere anytime.... smoke a whole pack of cigs during a 3 hour tailgate and "enjoy the pleasure" of a true warthog if its worth the frat-tale.

Basic attire for the Frat Star is a semi clean frat T, seersucker shorts, topsiders and a nice pair of shades strung properly with some crookies.

Many men strive to become this high member of society but very few have ever made it to Frat Star status.

Notable Frat Stars:









" SURE DID.... "

A male or female who audaciously emulates all the virtues of the definition of the word "frat."

How to detect a Fratstar:
a. Frat goggles (sunglasses) with Croakies
b. Sperry shoes
c. Popped collar of a Polo shirt
d. Short khakis
e. Pastel colors
f. Bowtie (sometimes)
g. Outgoing cocky attitude
h. Expensive designer gear (i.e. Coach, Ralph Lauren, Vineyard Vines, Lilly, Lacoste, etc.)
I. sometimes the person in question my have gelled hair.
A fratstar is a person person who looks and acts outragiously "fratty."

Usually your typical frat boy or girl is named either Todd or Katie, who fit the description above.
by Davemanasu November 15, 2007
The guy in a fraternity who satisfies the sexual urges of all the other frat members. Gives handjobs or BJs when needed and basically serves as the frat manwhore when the pussy is running thin. Usually too eager to please, desperate for status recognition, and not respected by the other frat members.
"Yo Frat Star, get over here and give me a dutch rudder. Bring me a keystone light while you're at it."

"No problem brah."
by Hooligan6969 April 24, 2010
A pledge to a frat who thinks he's the shit and owns the frat, when in fact he is a pledge bitch.
Fec: You can't mess with me, I'm a frat star.
by Yup123 October 26, 2006

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