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One's ability to endlessly rage with reduced hangovers and increased physical and mental performance. Requires audacity and a willingness to party with beautiful women during all times of the day and night regardless of previous obligations and current physical conditions. (Warning: attempting to increase one's fratima may result in death. It can also result in getting laid. Consult your local fraternity before attempting to increase one's fratima.)

ORIGIN early 21st century
from San Diego State University, derived from Fraternity and Stamina
I need to go home and sleep. It's getting late, I'm sick, I have homework, and I had a little too much. (chick)
I don't because I have fratima!!!! Let's rage!!!!! (hotter/better looking chick)
You need to work on your fratima. I've blacked out 9 days in a row and I'm still good!!! (hardened party animal)
by sdsu-c-low February 07, 2011
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