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A fraternity asshole. frat + asshole=frathole. He is obnoxiouly loud, especially when amongst his other frathole brethens. There is typically an exponential growth of stupidity, drunkenness,and inclination to rape females when fratholes congregate in a group. If you are a female, be very wary of fratholes.
neighbor #1: What's up with the trash and noise behind us?
neighbor #2: It must be the fratholes again.

student #1: What's up with girls getting drugged with roofies and getting raped?
student #2: It must be the fratholes again.
by concerned college student September 15, 2006
A combination of the words fraternity and asshole. Basically, a college kid in a fraternity who is an asshole, meaning about every frat kid in college. Also would be considered a bro
Friend 1- "Whoa! Check out that frat-hole"

Friend 2- "Yeah dude, look at his polo, frosted tips, and natty light."
by aaayyyooo November 05, 2010
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