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Frattiest fratstar of all the frats everywhere.

Derived from trap lord because the frat lord is notorious and well know among other iconic frat legends such as Patrick Bateman, Thomas Crown, Kent Dorfman, Danny Noonan, Jordan Belfort, Marcellus Wallace, Django, and Morpheus from the Matrix.

New Balances, white crew socks, khaki shorts 1-3 inches above the knee, button down shirt (on hot days a PFG shirt) Costa sunglasses (even if it's cloudy... Wait, especially if it's cloudy) with croakies, and an optional visor.

Between classes frat lords are often spotted with a North Face, Osprey, Patagonia or other expensive high quality backpack used to carry around the books they seldom read let alone open because they are too frat to care.

They are out going and socially interactive individuals that often require the constant presence of a certified lifeguard for fear of drowning in the pussy.
Why is a lifeguard following that guy around all day?
Must be a frat lord.
by JohnnyWayneIII June 02, 2014

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