Better than the average human being. A Fratboy is intelligent, social, athletic and successful. GDI's try to act like they are above fraternities but in reality they are still stuck in high school and dress like middle schoolers and guidos. Fratboys get girls, money, and jobs after college. GDI's get their right hand, a job under a fratboy, and their parents basement for a future home. Minorities also tend to hate fratboys because either A) They can't afford to join a fraternity. B) Even if they could they wouldn't get in.
Guy 1:Dude she totally wants you dick!

Guy 2:No shit, I'm a fucking fratboy and she's a total sorostitue.
by frat-hard February 03, 2010
Top Definition
1.) See homosexual
2.) The same neanderthalistic douchebags that used to play high school football and talk about how shitty you were in high school who now joined a homoerotic club so they can rape each other's ass in private.
3.) A collection of date-rapists that like to drink shitty beer and "stick it in" passed out drunk girls.
4.) Scum of the earth.
5.) A collection of the people with the smallest penises on a college campus.
Woah, look at that frat boy riding around in his giant monster truck with KC lights and the passed out girl in the passenger seat. I hope his truck tires blow out and he flips over and burns in a firey inferno.
by Dave Grohl October 25, 2004
A college kid who thinks he's better than everyone else because he is in a fraternity. Some college kids are frat boys even though they aren't in a fraternity. Frat boy behaviour is typified by drinking shitty beer, hitting on high school girls, making fun of punks, and wearing boring clothes.
Dude, these fucking frat boys came to the show at Bernie's the other night, and they started some shit, but my dudes and I kicked their bitch asses.
by Angus McHootch April 01, 2004
any college age, needle-dick, weed-smoking asshole who attends college only to party and flunk out. may use roofies to rape women, and finds destroying the property of others an enjoyable passtime. recognizable by

1) caucasian ethinicity
2) sleeveless t-shirts
3) inane, misogynistic babble
4) the ginormous SUVs (usually F-150s or Suburbans) with jacked-up wheels they drive, especially with stereos blaring rap or metal
5) visors, especially if worn upside-down, backwards, or a savory combination of the two
6) excessive use of the word "faggot"
7) possession of 40 oz beers, cigarettes, marijuana, and/or beer kegs (full-size or pony). especially alcohol stolen from the local grocery store (see beer run).
8) membership in a fraternity. (optional)

Origin: "frat" from fraternity, a kind of college social club/residency hall.
"i don't feel good, i think some fuckin frat boy slipped me a roofie back there."

"dude some drunk fuckin frat boy threw a rock at my car on the way over here."
by 83 May 25, 2005
A primate which oddly has opposable digits and some verbal ability. These knuckle-dragging shaven apes are known for their ability to somehow coax or force sexual intercourse with feeble-minded women, often through the use of Rohypnol, alcohol, or other judgement-imparing substances. Often majoring in business or communications, they are oddly absent from class, barely scrape by, and get a job through their fratboy daddy's connections. Fratboy interests include rape, steroids, SUVs, Abercrombie, any music devoid of meaning and taste (including, but not limited to: Jay Z, Nelly, and Dave Matthews), homoeroticism, Natty Light, and whatever Mtv bullshit they readily swallow. Since the names in the Greek alphabet are multisyllabic, they often shorten their designations to grunts. For example "Lambda Sigma" is far too complex for their feeble minds, and it would thus be changed to "Lam Sig" and followed by the obligatory "yo." Fratboys can be identified by their steroid-induced bulk, backwards preworn hats with their Fraternity designations on them, and wardrobe exclusively bought from either Structure, American Eagle, or Abercrombie and Fitch. Fratboys and those women who associate with them should be gassed.
"I'm Drew from delt sig yo. Can I get you a drink yo? Do you like DMB yo? Hey yo, can I spread my filthy, worthless seed yo? The new Jay Z is tight, yo. Please kill me yo."
by dread grey January 10, 2004
1)Usally large husky male human between the ages of 18 and believe it or not 30 who attends a college for reasons other than education but primaraly to keep his blood alcohol content high enough that a normal person could get drunk of his breath.
We knew we where in trouble when two vomit covered frat boys managed to not only get in a start the dump truck but take it out on the freeway as well.
by DonkeyThunder April 30, 2003
Also known as a flaming faggot, a douchebag, and an anal rammer, frat boys are indeed the essence of all homosexuality in the universe. They have made a name for themselves in colleges across America for being popular, out-going, and throwing the best parties. Those who believe this have a very skewed perception of reality. In actuality, frat boys have made a name for themselves as the pioneers of faggotry.

Characteristics of a fratboy are as follows, but not limited to: popping one's collar, gelled hair, extremely gay look to their face, short shorts, croakies/sunglasses/sperry topsiders (an attempt to seem like they go fishing when they've never seen the ocean), wearing pink polos (pink is not the new blue queers), wearing 10 different shades of purple (neither is purple douchebags), shell necklaces, and birkenstocks.

Things that frat boys like to do: rape drunken/blacked-out women, pay $450 a semester for friends that don't even care about them, degrade women, do the elephant walk (when new recruits line up buck ass naked and hold the person's nutsack infront of you while walking in single-file line), take homosexuality to a whole new level, and while doing all of this somehow they believe that they are the shit.

Things to do if you see a frat boy: (guys) First and most importantly, if his collar is popped un-pop it immediately. Ignore anything he says, but if he re-pops it punch him in the face. He's lucky he even got a second chance. (girls) Do not be fooled by the illusion of their 'popularity'. These guys are the biggest pricks to ever grace the planet. If you see one, pour the beer that they paid for with there $450 dues right in their face and kick them in their very tiny balls.

Inconclusion: Frat boys raise the bar of all things gay. They're so gay that they make Elton John look like Ron Jeremy. I recommend everyone to disassociate yourself from all frat boys. Please help save the world by un-popping one collar at a time.
See characteristics and things a frat boy would do.
by Jesse Blackmon December 03, 2006
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