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-noun, plural- frat princesses

1. Usually a guy and sometimes a girl who use their/a fraternity to put themselves above others in order to feel special. Typically found in people who have problems with their superiority complex.

2. Someone who uses the fact that they are in a frat to act like a princess.
1. Andrew - "Did you see the president of Sig Gay in the cafeteria today?"
Rex - "Yeah, he tried to make me move out of my seat so he could have a better view of the cheerleaders."
Andrew - "What a fuckin frat princess."

2. Ramon - "Hey you want to go to an apartment party tonight?"
Lauren - "No, I'm going to the frat tonight. The brothers give me all the shots I want."
Ramon - "Ok frat princess."

3. Frat Princess - "I love my frat so much because it makes me better than everyone else and will make me queen of the kingdom someday."
Normal Person - "Are you fuckin serious?"
by Ike and J-bird May 03, 2008
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