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n.; a nightlife venue characterized by its unusual similarity to a social gathering at a typical American college fraternity house, namely:
1. very inexpensive and bad-tasting beer
2. racially homogeneous, i.e., mostly American white
3. predominant fashion for male patrons being t-shirt, jeans and sneakers (t-shirt substitutable with football jersey), for female patrons being tank-top, jeans, and flip-flops
4. predominant music played is rock and pop, with an occasional injection of hip-hop
5. any interior surfaces being finished with sticky beer stains
6. restrooms being sub-Bangladeshian in quality
7. altercations being common
8. any foreign language being interpreted as drunkenese
A: i just graduated gwu and i need to get my frat bar on
B: so roll out to foggy bottom or adams morgan

A: i just graduated nyu and i need to get my frat bar on
B: st marks or west village sure bets for you

A: i just graduated from bu and i need to get my frat bar on
B: then hit up brighton or lansdowne street

A: wheres my boys chang, choi, hoshimitsu, patel, gandhi, isfahani, gutierrez, and nunez at tonite?
B: definitely not at no frat bar
A: true
by language_sentinel July 28, 2005
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