A rather very hot guy usuually from England has atleast 2 girls with him at one time.
("Franny is the cutest guy in the world")
by John Milan February 27, 2009
Invented by Nick S., it was the result of a typo while he was typing "granny"; accidentally misplacing the 'g' with an 'f'. Originally meant to mean "fat granny", it was horribly distorted and now basically means anything. It also spawned "fat language", in which the user replaces the beginning or middle set of letters with an 'fr'.

"Whoa, watch out for the franny down the street!"

"Shut your franny!"

*Fat Language>>

retard > fretard
fantastic > frantastic
muffin > fruffin
cheese > freese (..you get the point..)
by Nick May 13, 2004
an a prick who goes round sayin he has a massive cock but really has a 1 inch weener.

ha ha ha ha
Lee Francis
by Ottey December 10, 2003
a binman who picks up shit and goes home to his kids moaning and groaning about his shit day at work
"I'VE got the tea for tonight cause im franny...a part of robocop's head and a bit of dog shit...." a binman's words
by Michael Mollison September 27, 2007
To insult a boy, shout FRANNY
Danny: I hate you
Alex : Fuck off franny
by Alex coltman May 14, 2008
A dirty, kinky as fuck little boy who is obsessed with cleveland steamers; especially from Carlos, those are his favorite, Ones the size of the shire. Frannys are prone to giving half in halfs to anyone who asks ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!!!
He's a total Franny, did you see him with Carlos the other night?
by Courtney January 20, 2004

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