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A dirty, kinky as fuck little boy who is obsessed with cleveland steamers; especially from Carlos, those are his favorite, Ones the size of the shire. Frannys are prone to giving half in halfs to anyone who asks ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!!!
He's a total Franny, did you see him with Carlos the other night?
by Courtney January 20, 2004
very smart and beautiful girl that has cat and dog sidekicks to help her fight crime and injustice. tea and toast are her superfoods.
Oh wow! Last night Franny saved my life!
by ziczle March 04, 2011
awesome, cute, nice, rawr.
You're so franny
by lockerisnumber September 01, 2011
its a female friend which you are fairly close to
Kelly: you are the best Franny I ever had
by tayi April 21, 2010
Frannies are in a permanent state of frenzy. They are to be found either at the NHS or at other football grounds, all 20 of them that is. They love Franchise FC.
The frenzied frannies think that Pete Winkelman is their king.
by AFCW April 24, 2004
traditional food used to celebrate Fran Drescher's birthday. Also known as brownies.
I just made some kick ass frannies for dessert
by Uncletross July 26, 2006
Old people's underwear that is nearly worn to shreds. Only used when wearing a short skirt
Hey her Frannies are about to fall off, then we can see everything!
by mavurbster May 19, 2014
A rather very hot guy usuually from England has atleast 2 girls with him at one time.
("Franny is the cutest guy in the world")
by John Milan February 27, 2009