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A fucking retarded way to say the word "friend". Used primarily by teenagers, specifically girls in reference to their BFFs.
o hay girl ur like totalli my best frann!!!! hahaha
#idk #my #bff #jill #lol
by yourlocalneighborhoodcynic July 31, 2009
To be ones friend.You have their back for life, and they have yours, no matter what happens.Your Budd's forever!Sometimes when used in an angrey voice, it is used for the terms of being a backstabber.:/
"That dude is my best frann."
"That von aint a true frann!"
"That backstabber is so not my frann!"
#von #friend #backstabber #carissa #anthonylook them up
by Carissa & Best Frann Anthony January 20, 2007
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