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An overtly promiscuous woman who's had so many failed boob jobs she's now missing her nipples and has a plethora of Frankenstein-like scars, and badly photoshops her face onto models bodies to use as her profile pictures on Facebook
I found this girl on Facebook and she looked pretty hot until I met her and found out she was a frankenwhore
#breasts #boobs #plastic surgery #knockers #titty fucking #franken-whore
by Derp_TV January 24, 2015
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An extremely ugly woman that still seems to be able to sleep with men
Steve Erwin (RIP): Cricky, it seems we found the elousive Frankenwhore, im gonna stick my finger in its bum.
#frankenwhore #whore #frankendyke #frankendike #ogre #beast #granade
by Kinky Kyle September 11, 2006
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