English words that are sued in the French language.
Le sandwich.
Le weekend.
Faire du shopping.
Le best of.
Le flipper.
Les fuckoffs.
by KHD August 02, 2003
Combination fo contractions for "Français" and "Anglais" (French and English) which refers to words that came into popular use during the time of English being the predominant language and have not had time to have a French translation. Mostly brand names with French pronounciation.
Le hotdog

coca cola

le white flag or surrenderness
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 14, 2004
Les mots que sont anglais, mais on les parle en francais. Words that are englsih, but used in French.
Le weekend
Un Hamberger
Un Hot Dog
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
English words that have found their way into the French language but have no French translation, and vice versa.
Le weekend
by nate rix June 11, 2003
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