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A sweet tasting, sweet smelling pussy belonging to a painfully attractive girl.
"I'd love to sniff her sweet frangipani!"
by FellaFace July 24, 2005
a sweet smelling, sweet tasting pussy belonging to a painfully hot girl
'you have a beautiful frangipani'
by GOBAknights July 18, 2005
A fashion slave; a girl who whines; a girl who is a fashion slave but doesn't get it right; a girl who changes her style like her underpants; a girl who wears hot pink underpants; a girl who wears childrens themed backpacks (e.g. Bratz, The Wiggles, etc.); a girl who has frangipani adhesives stuck to her car's back window; a girl who used to have the previous, but now mocks it; a girl who is constantly texting; a girl who is tacky; a girl who is bratty; a girl who is ... plain annoying!
(1)'How frangipani of her to go to say that'.
(2) 'I don't mind Brad Pitt, but not in a frangipani way'.
(3) 'No way would I wear fake nails; that's totally frangipani!'
by Bilcat April 22, 2009