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Killing someone using a fragmentation grenade as a weapon.
"When an American soldier killed or attempted to kill one of his superiors in Vietnam the act was called fragging because the weapon of choice, as is the case in Kuwait City, was a fragmentation grenade."
by Grand Poobah May 10, 2005
Fragging means to to cut off your sentences and it's really annoying.
This is usually used for chatrooms, to annoy moderators and other users.

this is
by v1rtua August 07, 2016
....the deliberate assassination or suffocation or retaliation against any person who speaks out on their rights or about government employee abuses, made to look like a policy malfunction or a characterlogical flaw of that person resulting in injury or death to the target or person being fragged..
The women died after years of fragging.
by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008
The act of kneeing in the mouth the person blowing you when you are about to ejaculate, releasing an explosion of cum and blood.
When my girlfriend went through a fragging phase, there was always blood on her shirt.
by chodelisher November 24, 2014
The act of bragging on Facebook.
I hate it when all my high school friends keep fragging about how perfect their life is. People who would never say these things in person have no problems fragging.
by FacebookAC August 16, 2010
aka fucking
Good for sites where you should watch your mouth.
This fragging sucks.
by Skara March 25, 2005
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